1. What is FACIL’iti?

FACIL’iti is a one of a kind assisted technology solution that allows the full customization of the display of a website according to a user’s visual, motor and / or cognitive needs, without requiring a complete interface redesign.
We customize each website to provide an optimal user experience while maintaining the ergonomics of the site.
We developed FACIL’iti hand in hand with users and recognized disability organizations so as to better address their needs.

2. Are all websites compatible with FACIL’iti?

99% of the websites on the market are compatible with FACIL’iti. If you are wondering whether your website is compatible, contact us. Our technical team will perform a free audit.

3. How to install FACIL’iti?

On the site owner side: We take care of everything. It is quick and seamless for you. Once all the customization work is done on our side, we simply send you a tag (= a piece of code) to insert into your website. It only takes you a few minutes!
On the user side: Nothing needs to be installed. Internet users can use FACIL’iti on websites equipped with the solution.

4. How long does it take to setup FACIL’iti?

The duration varies depending on the website. It is determined by the FACIL’iti team during the free audit. On average, it takes 1 to 3 weeks to set up a site.

5. Does FACIL’iti make a website accessible to 100% of Internet users with a disability?

To date, there is no solution that meets 100% of the needs of Internet users with disabilities. At FACIL’iti, we have always advocated the complementarity of professions, tools and innovations to address as many needs as possible, with a single goal: allow as many people as possible to seamlessly use the internet.
FACIL’iti clients who want to take into account the regulatory criteria of WCAG and RGAA often also set up a digital accessibility process for their website.”In general, we support each approach that aims to provide better access to the web for Internet users with a specific need.
The RGAA (General Accessibility Improvement Standard) mandates specific changes in the code of a website. FACIL’iti is an external solution that allows you to change the appearance of a site without altering the code. It does not replace the RGAA.
However, FACIL’iti allows the website’s appearance to adapt to certain motor and cognitive disorders (dyslexia, color blindness, Parkinson’s disease, etc.) that are yet to be taken into account by the current standard.
Finally, thanks to the “personalized filter” function offered by FACIL’iti, thousands of customized settings are possible for maximum personalization.

6. Is FACIL’iti accessible to the blind, deaf or hard of hearing?

There are already very powerful tools that make a website accessible to the blind, deaf and/or hard of hearing people.
We have chosen to cover other forms of disorders or disabilities that are hardly or not at all taken into account by existing solutions, such as dyslexia, color blindness or even motor disorders.

7. How much does FACIL’iti cost?

On the site holder side: the FACIL’iti fee includes installation costs and an annual subscription. These vary depending on the structure of the site and the number of connections. Contact us for a free quote.
On the user side: the service is completely free.

8. Is FACIL’iti a secure solution?

FACIL’iti is a secure external solution. Several banking groups and large companieshave preferred our solution for its reliability.

9. Is it possible to obtain statistics on the use of FACIL’iti?

We can provide general usage data (for example, the number of FACIL’iti users or the total number of web pages visited with FACIL’iti).
However, in accordance with the applicable General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we neither use nor transmit any data related to the type of user filters.

10. Does a user of the solution need to select their filter each time they visit a website equipped with FACIL’iti?

It is not necessary: ​​After the initial registration, the selected filter is automatically applied to all websites equipped with FACIL’iti.

11. Does FACIL’iti work when the website is updated?

The updates are applied automatically each time the text or photo content of your website is modified, without any intervention from us or your teams.
In case of a website redesign, do not hesitate to consult us!

Contact us to schedule a demo or if you have any further question.