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The age of the internet has been a fabulous revolution of information and media. Using smart devices (mobile phones, laptops etc.) one is able to access news, entertainment, as well as engage in all sorts of e-services from banking to health-care. However, if an impairment is present, web pages are rarely accessible, or built specifically for that portion of population.

FACIL’iti provides a significantly improved and customized browsing experience for older adults and people with disabilities. It allows the website to meet the needs of each individual’s particular condition.

FACIL'iti is available as a subscription service to all web and intranet owners and developers, who wish to improve their customers' experience through this accessibility tool. All end users, partners or employees with special needs can enjoy the service on a free of charge basis, on all websites having installed FACIL'iti.

Click on the following examples to discover the adaptations provided by FACIL'iti.

Grab the separator and drag it from left to right!

Une page d'accueil d'un site de démonstration sans FACIL'iti activéUne page d'accueil d'un site de démonstration avec FACIL'iti activé pour la pathologie Malvoyance

Grab the separator and drag it from left to right!

Une page d'accueil d'un site de démonstration sans FACIL'iti activéUne page d'accueil d'un site de démonstration avec FACIL'iti activé pour la pathologie maladie de Parkinson

Grab the separator and drag it from left to right!

Une page d'article d'un site de démonstration sans FACIL'iti activéUne page d'accueil d'un site de démonstration avec FACIL'iti activé pour la pathologie Dyslexie

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User comfort prevails

Fine tuned ready-made user profiles are proposed to allow instant adaptations of all pages with FACIL'iti. Complimentary, users can customize existing adaptations or chose new ones that serves them better - combinations are limitless.

Improved compliance

FACIL'iti provides improved accessibility adaptations that work without refactoring your website's existing code thus increasing the compliance with WCAG 2.0, ADA, & Section 508 requirements.

Users have the power

Each person is unique and has particular comfort needs. Independent of user condition the web content should be accessible in a simple and customizable way. The websites with FACIL'iti provide the improved experience users are looking for.

Our customers appreciations


Abilympics France is committed to enhancing the skills of people with disabilities in profesional skills competitions. Committed to the world of disability, it is in the spirit of our association to make sure all information available to everybody, it is in our DNA . With FACIL'iti, the digital solution is all there, and it is the responsibility of each organization, public or private, to facilitate the access to the information.

Benoit Roger, Outreach Manager & Events


We are delighted to have adopted FACIL'iti on our website, making it more accessible, to the benefit of our visually impaired members.
UNADEV has been serving the cause of people with visual impairments for more than 80 years. We have chosen FACIL'iti solution to improve the accessibility of our website as it allows users to adapt the dispaly in one click, according to each individual condition. Equal access to information for everyone is one of our priorities.

PR & Communication - Unadev

France Parkinson

To better meet the specific needs of Parkinson's patients, the France Parkinson association has deployed the FACIL'iti digital accessibility solution on its website. Thus, navigation is facilitated, access to information is easy.

Julie Deléglise, Communication and Advocacy Officer

CISS Limousin

(...) we can only congratulate FACIL'iti team or professionals who support our commitment towards the associations of people with disabilities. With its digital accessibility solution FACIL' iti, has initiated a dynamic of solutions.

Patrick Charpentier, Managing Director

We never stop improving

The FACIL'iti service has been designed to allow a seamless and constant improvement and evolution, so that our customers and their users would instantly beneficiate from any adition and change. Be part of our project and let us know what you are thinking.

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FACIL'iti News

Join us at WEXDAY Lille, France

Our team will speak about web accessibility at WEXDAY Lille, March 31. Come on to meet us !

FACIL’iti is going back to CES !

Always more connected, Internet users are waiting for an optimal user experience when they visit a website : speed of display, design, ergonomics ... Everything must be thought out so that the user can have access to information online, whatever the need. « Digital accessibility is a social issue, explains Frédéric Sudraud, founder of FACIL’iti. To allow a comfort of web navigation for a lot of people, we thought about situations of the daily life during which a webuser can be temporarily in difficulty. For example, a wrist fracture can cause navigation problems, just like an ophthalmic migraine. We have identified six temporary disorders that we have adapted to create new displays that are useful to everyone. »

FACIL’iti winner of Fukuoka Award

Our CEO Frédéric Sudraud was in Japan this week with others french start-up based into Nouvelle Aquitaine. FACIL'iti is very proud to won the Fukuoka Award : thanks a lot !

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