FACIL’iti presented during AGE Platform Conference

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FACIL’iti presented during AGE Platform Conference

FACIL’iti presented to the European public during the AGE General Assembly and Annual Conference 2015.

AGE Platform Europe General Assembly and Annual Conference took place in Brussels on 19 and 20 November 2015. This major event offers a yearly opportunity for AGE members to exchange and debate on current ageing related issues at EU level, and meet with some EU officials and stakeholders, including civil society organisations and research centers.

On 19 November, representatives from AGE member organisations came from all over Europe to report on national issues of concern to older people, be updated on ongoing EU dossiers and agree on AGE main policy orientation and priorities for the upcoming year.

Horst Krämer, from the DG Communications Network, Content and Technology (Unit Digital Social Platforms), focused its presentation on 'Silver Economy in support of older people's rights' and well being, and the key role of new technology in addressing the needs of older people.

"Technology and innovation are crucial for the development of the European Silver Economy. They will work best if they support better quality of life, sustainable health and care systems, independence and empowerment", stated Mr. Krämer, adding "Generation of social impact and innovation should go hand in hand". To measure the social impact of innovation, the Commission has developed a set of indicators defining the quality of life in the European Union. Involving social scientists and older users in research and innovation programmes is also essential to make sure they deliver effective social results.

As a concrete exemple of how innovative solutions can promote older people's rights in practice, Mr. Constantin Fota presented the FACIL'iti digital solution which makes websites and digital content accessible to all users.