Short history

The Idea

FACIL'iti has been developed starting from the idea that a website should provide all necessary adaptations possible for a person with impairments to see, understand and interact. Thus the main pillars arround which adaptations have been developed are the mobility troubles, vision issues and cognitive disorders aiming to offer a free access to internet for all.

Today every person in search of a better browsing comfort or access can beneficiate from an improved user experience by simply activating the settings responding to his needs.

The Research

During the last 5 years of R&D necessary to release the final version, the tech team has been supported by the main associations of people with disabilities. Their role was to constantly validate all adaptations during user testings.

The partners that have contributed to the development of this innovative solution are prodly listed below:

Not less than 18,000 hours have been dedicated to the conception of FACIL'iti, the result being patented and commercially launched at the end of 2015. Today the R&D continues to bring more adaptations and to provide an improved experience to a larger user base.

The Awards

Grand Prix Entrepreneurs
Foundation Enterprise

Start-up Award
TF1 @VivaTech 2018

Enterprise and Innovation
First Prize Winner

Innovation Award
Accessibility Category

Winning Pitch
Global Growth Launchpad

Bronze Medal
Prix EURAPAC 2017

Council of Foreign Trade Advisors
Digital Innovation Award

1st Prize Silver Economy

SilverEco Gala 2016
Best Web Innovation

Winner of Prize for Innovation
Social Innovation Category

Silver Medal
Societal Transformation

The Team




Chief Technology Officer


Managing Director


French sales manager


Communication manager


Front-end developer


Sales manager France


Front-end developer


Front-end developer


Front-end developer


Front-end developer


Front-end developer


Back-end developer