FACIL'iti is a solution for making all websites accessible!

What is it?

Accessibility for all

FACIL'iti was born of a discussion on the e-exclusion of internet users who are disabled or seniors.
The idea: making websites accessible according to your needs, whether they are related to physical, sensory, and/or cognitive impairments.

FACIL'iti adapts the content on your computer, your tablet, or smartphone for improved digital accessibility for ALL!
Gain immediate browsing comfort, for more well-being in everyday life, whether at home or at your workplace.

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Who is it for?

And why?

This solution is totally free for you, it is available on all websites concerned about digital accessibility and which have adopted FACIL'iti.

If you are looking for comfort and well-being during your Internet browsing, FACIL'iti is the solution is for you!

The main French associations (France Parkinson, APTES, UNADEV, Silver Eco) and their users have tested and validated the features of this tool.

Here's what they think of it:

FACIL'iti improves your browsing experience on the Web by up to 75%.
They gave our solution's overall effectiveness a score of 15/20.
91% of testers expect companies and institutions to invest in the accessibility of their website in order to make your everyday life easier.
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How does it work?

FACIL'iti works across all digital media: computers, tablets, and smartphones, to allow you to access the information whenever you want to.

Take advantage of this custom browsing now, by setting up your profile, once and for all, on our dedicated site, confidentially of course.

The browsing and content of partner sites will be customized instantly.

It's simple: you can even save multiple profiles for your computer, so that your digital tools be tailored to the needs of each family member.

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